Bottom of the World or Bust!

Returning to Cuzco after the Inca Trail was both wonderful and a bit sad. Chris left a day later, brutally leaving me to rejoin the real world and get back to work. I didn’t have too much of the latter, so I wrote to a couple of clients asking if they had any translations to send me. Be careful what you wish for – I subsequently got buried under a small mountain of work.

I did manage to balance it with seeing a bit more of Cuzco. On Saturday we had absolutely stunning weather – sunshine and about 22C (70F for my American friends). It made for a nice day of sitting near the fountain in the center of town and people-watching.

On Sunday I made my way to the Irish pub to see if they were showing the Broncos game. Success – not only did I get to watch my team beat the Chargers, but I chatted with a couple of fellow long-term travelers. Brandon was from Australia and traveling South and North America for a year before heading to Europe for a wedding. I informed him that he would be forced to show me around Sydney when I arrive there around November. Billy was a Chicagoan spending a couple of months in South America, trying to improve his Spanish. I think I may have successfully talked him into becoming a translator.

On Monday I flew to Lima. I hate to say it, but sometimes when you are in the midst of long-term travel, you don’t really want to do or see anything. Lima was that place for me. It may have been the fact that I would be spending a good 10-12 hours of my two days in Lima working, or the fact that I had met a couple of American girls the week prior to relayed to me how unimpressed they were with the city. I knew I couldn’t hole myself up the entire time though, so I wandered two blocks from the apartment I had rented in Miraflores to discover a shopping mall impressively overlooking the ocean from a cliff a couple hundred feet up. I sat and had a beer and soaked it in.

I was extremely excited when the day came to head to Buenos Aires. It meant that Kate was coming the next day, that I would get a glimpse of this city that one of my best friends Holly told me so much about (and which I will be spending all of February exploring), and that Antarctica was coming up soon.

I landed in BA square in the middle of a heat wave. The locals would later tell me they haven’t seen heat like this in a while. Kate and I checked a few things off the list – a giant steak dinner and a milonga show (more on that later). Sadly I had to finish up a couple of major work projects before heading off the grid and towards the 7th continent. I’ll have more to post on Buenos Aires next month.

Now Kate and I are sitting in a restaurant in Ushuaia, Argentina. It’s considered the southernmost city in the world – technically there are other “cities” farther south, but they are considered to be towns more than anything. When we first arrived it felt very Iceland-like, which is interesting considering that Iceland is where I met Kate a year and a half ago. Crazy where life can lead you when you travel (especially solo) – in this case, Antarctica.

Things are starting to stir here in our meeting place; we embark on our journey in about 15 minutes. We are both INSANELY excited – Kate even mentioned that it almost felt as if her wedding day had arrived. I couldn’t agree more. In fact, I might be even more excited about this trip than I will be on my wedding day.

I’ll be writing throughout the trip, but sadly I won’t be able to post until we get back within range of civilization in 12 days. In the meantime, GO BRONCOS!!!!

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  1. Hello from Kauai;
    We had a couple of weeks of diving in Cozumel, Mexico, a week touring art galleries in Mexico City and now we are basking in the sun on the Garden Island. Told you it might be wet on the Inca trail hike. Glad to hear your knee held up. Enjoy the deep south. Strap yourself in tight for the ride to and from.
    Allan & Noelle

    • Glad to see somebody’s getting some sun 🙂 I’m slightly jealous that the two of you have been diving – I won’t be in the water until April. Let me know when you’ve updated your blog!

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