About Me

Welcome! I’m Melissa – translator by day, global dreamer by night. And day.

For nearly ten years now, I’ve made a living as a German to English translator. I took my first trip abroad at 17, to Germany, and returned to the U.S. wanting to learn more of the language, immerse myself in the culture and simply travel more. This led me to pursue and obtain a degree in international studies and spend a total of five years living and working in Germany, while occasionally traveling through the rest of Europe. It was in Hamburg, in 2004, that I got my first translation order as a freelancer. It’s a job that stuck.

Once it hit me that the wonders of modern technology and self-employment allow me to work from nearly anywhere, I started taking more long-term trips and gathered up the courage to explore other parts of the world. The only problem? The more places I see, the more get added to my list.

I’m currently on a round-the-world trip, which kicked off at the end of 2013 and will take me across all seven continents before 2014 is out. This blog is just as much about the places I visit as it is about the life and times of a digital nomad.

Unless otherwise noted (or in the case of photos of me), all photography is my own. I’m always looking to improve on this skill, so tips and feedback from photography enthusiasts are welcome.

I’d be glad to answer any questions you might have about travel: long-term, solo female or otherwise. I’m thrilled to have you along on my journey, and I hope to inspire you to see a bit more of our planet as well!

Note: At present, my blog is not and has never been monetized. I receive neither financial compensation nor “freebies” in exchange for the posts written here. As a result, any and all opinions are my own.

Get on that camel, damnit!


  1. HI Melissa, this is Paul the photog-guy. Enjoyed reading your description of Portland. I’m looking forward to hearing about your adventures.

  2. Hi Melissa, great read thank you for sharing. I am getting ready to take my mother on a trip to Australia, with three days in dubai, I would love to email you some questions and concerns I have and get your opinion if you have time.

  3. Hi Melissa,

    Your story is amazing. I love your blog and your blogging style. I’m trying to start a similar career of working and traveling, as well. Starting off in Japan right now but heading off to Europe soon. Really excited to see somebody so accomplished. Definitely going to be following your posts!

  4. Hey Melissa, absolutely loving your blog! I’m keen to get out there and travel too so this has really inspired me 🙂 In fact, I’ve even started my own platform called Showzee (http://www.showzee.com) just for people to connect around their journeys, adventures & experiences. Definitely take a look – it would be awesome to share some of your photos with the community!

  5. Hi Melissa, I’d like to share some of your photo’s on my Facebook page, and credit you as photographer, but I notice you do not include your last name anywhere. Would you: A. prefer I not share your pics, B. prefer I share your pics uncredited, or C. prefer I share your pics and credit you (in which case I would need your last name). Thanks so much and I greatly admire your sense of adventure and your photography skills!

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